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Why does plastic wrap have adsorption capacity?

Preservative film is a kind of plastic film, which is usually made of PVC or low-density PVC. In our daily life, we find that plastic wrap can absorb many objects, such as ceramics, glass, plastics and even human body.
There are three reasons for the stickiness of fresh-keeping film. One is that the fresh-keeping film has static electricity. When you pull one out of a roll of plastic wrap, the torn plastic wrap is negatively charged. When you stick it to other objects, the plastic wrap can cover it due to static electricity. When you open a piece of plastic wrap and approach your arm, you will find that the hairs on your arm are upright because the freshly torn plastic wrap has an electrostatic effect. Second, the vacuum adsorption effect, which is the main reason why the fresh-keeping film adsorbs objects. The fresh-keeping film is covered on another object. When the air between them is discharged, it will produce the effect of vacuum adsorption. The plastic wrap is extremely thin and soft enough to be easily adsorbed on other objects. Third, the preservative film contains additives. Some plastic wrap is added with adhesive, which is one of the reasons why the plastic wrap can stick to other objects.

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