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Taicang packaging factory teaches you how to distinguish between low-pressure plastic bags and high-pressure plastic bags

The production material of low-pressure plastic bag: high-density polyethylene, which is mainly characterized by hard quality, very cool feel, opaque and not easy to break. High stability, good dimensional stability, high heat resistance and mechanical strength, high barrier to water vapor and poor transparency.
The main material of high-pressure plastic bag is low-density polyethylene, which is characterized by soft, good transparency, sticky hand feeling, easy to wear and low strength. It has low crystallinity and softening point, good flexibility and elongation. Impact resistance, the thickness of high-pressure plastic bags is low, so the materials needed are more than low-pressure plastic bags. Therefore, the price of high-pressure plastic bags will be higher!
In terms of application scope, high-pressure film is commonly used in light packaging films such as food, daily use, vegetables, shrinkage and self-adhesive, as well as agricultural plastic film, greenhouse film, fresh-keeping film, etc; Low pressure film is mainly used for heavy packaging film, tear film and vest bag because of its high film strength.

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